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More of Tiffany’s sizzling nude photos

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Tiffany Pollard made a name for herself after she showed her true colors when she became a contestant on the TV reality show Flavors of Love. “New York” showed her no-nonsense attitude to other fellow contestants somehow to taunt them in not messing with her. She stood out among the other contestants but unfortunately she got eliminated from the she show and she almost got into deep shit with Brooke Thompson (another contestant) for whom they hated each other like mortal enemies and with one false move, things could have spelled disaster for the two and the entire show . Her bitchy attitude caught the attention of the world and soon she became an overnight sensation having her own reality dating show and she’s definitely on top of the world!

But I’m pretty sure that Tiffany will be making the headlines once more when more of her steamy nude pictures started popping up and as always we are here to gather them and show them to all of you Hollywood sleaze addicts! Just click here and catch Tiffany’s new nude photos at Tiffany Pollard Nude.