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September 26th, 2016 by J

Actress and reality TV personality Tiffany Pollard may have been known for some of her desperate acts of finding love through TV shows where she gets to be paired with various men with just one aim and it is to get in her pants. Of course she knew of this and just wanted to take part in the feast that is having a taste of as much as horny ripped men as she could handle. So while in the process of meeting one guy after another, two of these caught her fancy and they ended up being real life fuck buddies without strings attached. Since all three of them have the same goal and it’s only to fuck rough on cam with anyone, the three of them decided to stay fuck buddies off cam too, which actually worked quite perfectly, if you ask me. Better yet, watch this hardcore three way fuck action where they were just starting to really go wild without scripts and director’s command of how to do shit on set. Pollard looks pretty overwhelmed at first as she is faced with two stiff cocks, like literally on her face, and she would suck on them and give handjobs interchangeably.

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She just wanted both inside her mouth is only they would fit at the same time! But she’s got her wet cunt for those dicks too and so she had them fuck her damn good in all positions they could think of. Pollard confessed to wanting double penetration so bad but she has to get used to sucking and fucking two men at once first before she could take on two huge boners inside her holes. She knows what she wants and obviously has her ways of getting them and this only made these jocks get turned on each time they see her with or without her clothes. She’s having one hell of a time having hardcore sex with these two and we can only guess if she’s still that desperate for something serious when she can have fun without the heartaches with these horny men.

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May 18th, 2016 by J

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Tiffany Pollard is not new to recording herself while pussy-playing and using her sex toys. Just like any ordinary chick out there, she enjoys masturbating while giving pleasure to her man on cam. Watch her cream that cunt with the help of her new glass dildo.

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September 13th, 2010 by ms.tiff

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Tiffany Pollard is well-known for having curves in all the right places and of course, that statement is never more evident than in her firm, round ass. Her derriere is really fit-looking and one would just love to bite into her succulent buttocks, as you can see from these sexy photos of Tiffany Pollard, who is better known to all her male fans by her nickname “New York”. Aren’t stacked girls with huge asses just the best?!

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Coupled with a smooth and tight pussy, we got a winner in Tiffany! Man, look at that hot body as she shows it off in front of the camera. Who wouldn’t want to tap that ass? I’d gamely go for seconds after I reach orgasm deep within her love hole. To see more of this sexy reality show star, just check out these naked pictures of Tiffany Pollard.

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April 22nd, 2010 by ms.tiff

The self-named Head Bitch In Charge that is Tiffany Pollard is not one to let go of her expired 15 minutes of fame. She will nail it to her ass, tuck it between her monster tits, and slip it inside her chocolate pussy just to stay afloat in Hollywood. Of course, having dated Flavor Flav during the start of her non-career helped keep things fresh for a while. But even if we find Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s skanky ass out of a job, she’ll still have a job for the guys out there who will always have a sweet tooth for a skank and a bitch combined.

And if Tiffany does land her ass in the unemployed margins of Hollywood, her tits and pussy can still represent her and save her from becoming just another has-been nightclubber (well, she already is, but hold your fire). Hollywood sluts like Tiffany Pollard still have a shot at raking in the cash by turning to the seedier backstreets of Tinseltown and signing up for the next available porn movie being produced. I believe they’re still looking for someone to fill the ‘busty black bitch fetish’ position in the industry, so I suggest she take a stab at it. She can get a stabbing in return, in the form of professionally hired cocks penetrating her stanky cunt.

So while we’re waiting for her to make the move, let’s just lavish on these skanky glamour shots of busty Tiffany Pollard.

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August 29th, 2008 by ms.tiff

Aside from her famous colloquial name “New York” and the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge), Tiffany Pollard is known for other names like Princess, Disgusting Whore and Sperm Bank… wait a minute, did I say “Sperm Bank”? Well listen up y’all Tiffany Pollard fans out there, we have her something that will tickle your fancy as we unravel another set of her revealing pictures and this time this is more explicit than her usual nude pictures that has been floating in the internet lately… and now you’ll get to see Tiffany getting her face and mouth dribbling with huge amounts of fresh, creamy cum with these exciting cumshot images that is set to blow you away as we compile them in one awesome photo set for all of you to feast on for years to cum. But since this is the first time we’ll be bringing them out in public, we wouldn’t want to give them out just like that, and for you to access our wonderful goodies, all you need is to click on this link and go to Tiffany Pollard Nude… and get to know the real reason why Tiffany is called a “Sperm Bank.”

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August 29th, 2008 by ms.tiff

Tiffany Pollard made a name for herself after she showed her true colors when she became a contestant on the TV reality show Flavors of Love. “New York” showed her no-nonsense attitude to other fellow contestants somehow to taunt them in not messing with her. She stood out among the other contestants but unfortunately she got eliminated from the she show and she almost got into deep shit with Brooke Thompson (another contestant) for whom they hated each other like mortal enemies and with one false move, things could have spelled disaster for the two and the entire show . Her bitchy attitude caught the attention of the world and soon she became an overnight sensation having her own reality dating show and she’s definitely on top of the world!

But I’m pretty sure that Tiffany will be making the headlines once more when more of her steamy nude pictures started popping up and as always we are here to gather them and show them to all of you Hollywood sleaze addicts! Just click here and catch Tiffany’s new nude photos at Tiffany Pollard Nude.

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If you think nothing can be more controversial than Tiffany Pollard’s alleged sex tape where she was seen having sexual intercourse with an unidentified guy, you will be surprised to know that along with her elusive sex tape, we discovered a whole bunch of hardcore pictures where Tiffany gets into all sorts of positions and angles while she gets her pussy, ass and mouth stuffed with that throbbing pecker and everything is caught on crisp, vivid detail and we would definitely want to share them to all of you but we still want to keep it as a surprise and if you just can’t wait any longer to see Tiffany’s hardcore photos, visit Tiffany Pollard Nude right now and be the first to see those exclusive images.